Directions on how to find Frances Mayes House Bramasole, Cortona

I had to find Frances Mayes house Bramasole in Tuscany, Cortona after I had read her book, " Under the Tuscan Sun ". I think I fell in love with Italy before I even went there based on her book and when I visited Cortona, I wanted to know where her house was.

Well, the first time I went to Cortona in Tuscany and tried to find the house, we got lost and gave up. 8 years later, and with a Tuscan farmhouse of my own I needed to make the pilgrimage to the house of the woman who changed the destiny of my life.

So, after a visit to the town of Cortona we set off once again to try and find Frances Mayes house. So, if you have come to this page, you obviously want to find her house too.

Directions to Frances Mayes House:

corys hotel cortona From the town of Cortona travel along the wall of the town as if you are going towards Terrone. You will come to a junction where you have Cory's Hotel slightly to your right.

Turn right here so that Cory's is now on your left and follow the road around and down. There is another road that bears to the right as you are going down. Do not take that road. Carry on this road for about 5 -10 minutes or so. You may miss the house completely as it is difficult to see the house as the house is hidden by some trees and is on the right hand side.

I have to confess that we missed it yet again and were quite dispirited as we still hadn't found Bramasole. We turned the car around and suddenly there it was, this lovely house with the strange peachy pink paint and the palm tree just as she had described in her book.

I was sad to see that despite the extensive renovations the house has an almighty vertical crack that is highly visible from top to bottom on the left hand side of the door and one wonders just how much it will cost to repair. I deliberately took the photo with the pine tree obscuring this crack, as it really was heartbreaking to see, knowing how much work had gone into the house to restore it to what it is now.

Enjoy the photos, and hopefully the next time you go to Cortona, you will take the time out too to make the pilgrimage to this now world famous address.


Bramasole, Frances Mayes House in Cortona

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