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Hotels in Italy are known by a variety of names and each provides a different type of service. Those called hotels are self-explanatory. The accommodation provided for tourists in Italy is heavily regulated but as a result you can be sure of what you will be getting. Hotels are rated from 1-5 stars and room prices have to be displayed at reception and in the rooms themselves.

If you haven't pre-booked and you are given a room that you consider too expensive you have the right to see rooms within the other price brackets and settle for one of those if you wish. Make sure that you know what is included in the price that you have been quoted. If you don't you may be in for a nasty surprise when suddenly you are charged additional taxes and service charges or find that breakfast is an additional charge.

If you have pre-booked your room try and confirm your room a week or the day before you travel just to make sure that they have not given your room away. If you are traveling by car make sure that you have parking with your booking. You will probably have to pay extra for this. However, in most large towns and cities only residents have permits and the right to park in the streets and long-term public parking can work out very costly.

Always book your accommodation in Italy if you are visiting during peak season.

If you are booking hotels in the main cities and tourist towns in Italy the prices for accommodation is more expensive than if you book a room outside of these areas. Some hotels will also impose a 3 day minimum stay during the high season.

Hotel prices in Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice are a lot higher than the rest of Italy and hotels in northern Italy are more expensive than hotels in the south of the country. Hotels at beach side resorts during the summer are also high during this time.

Hotel prices are seasonal and can become ridiculous during peak times. You can pick up some really good deals in these cities if you visit them during the off-peak times and during the winter if it is not over the Christmas, New Year period and if they are not near any good ski resorts.

If you arriving by train or plane, more times than not, you will have to get a taxi to your hotel room as very few Italian hotels offer a shuttle bus service between stations or airports. Know the standard fare to your hotel before you travel and agree on this with the taxi driver before you get into the taxi.

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When we travel around Italy if we are going to stay for any extended time we rent a villa as this allows us to get to know the locals, and to enjoy slow travel in Italy. However, there are times when we have stayed in both hotels and locandas and we prefer the locandas for their intimacy and personal touch that gets lost in mainstream hotel accommodation.

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Hotels in Italy - The Locanda 

A locanda is basically an inn and similar to a pensione. The inn is basically a restaurant with rooms above. Our favorite locanda is in Sansepolcro where there are 4 rooms, clean and neat as pin and breakfast is included for a very reasonable rate. 

Hotels in Italy - Pensione and the Albergho

Another form of cheaper hotels in Italy are the pensione or an albergho. You will often find 1 star hotels using this title and there is not much difference between a pensione or an albergho and often an establishment will use both titles. However, a pensione will generally be between a 1 - 3 star whereas a hotel can be between 1 - 5 star quality.

A one star establishment will offer very basic accommodation that generally doesn't not have private bathrooms with the rooms.

A two star establishment will offer the same basic accommodation but room usually have private bathrooms.

A three star establishment will offer a good standard of accommodation although the quality can vary quite a lot within this category.

Four and five star hotels will offer a standard of accommodation that you can count on being high where you can expect a private bathroom, room service, laundry and dry cleaning and usually if not one but several restaurants to choose from on site.

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