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Italian Cooking Recipes - Find Authentic and Easy Recipes from Italy

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A wooden board with essential ingredients for many Italian cooking recipes

Find Italian cooking recipes here from antipasto through to dessert recipes. See our easy Italian recipes, and feel free to submit your own! Our recipes are authentic and easy Italian recipes that have been around for years, made and passed down from generation to generation.

The best cooking in Italy is found in the home. Italian women still shop daily for their families visiting the local butcher, baker and markets to choose what they will eat for the day. You will find supermarkets in Italy, sadly enough, however, they are few and far between. The traditional way of visiting the local specialty stores not only allows one to choose the freshest of products, but it also allows the women to meet up, share a little village or town gossip, and then go home to prepare a meal that will bring the family together as a unit. 

These easy Italian cooking recipes are ones that I have come to make and love. These are my favorite recipes from Italy, along with my favorite Italian dessert recipes - I have a very sweet tooth!, Italian pasta recipes and Italian chicken recipes. You will also find recipes for seafood, salads, appetizers and meat on our other pages.

We are sure that some of you have favorite Italian cooking recipes of your own. We invite you to be part of our website and send us your recipes. If you know the source of the recipe, tie. the cookery book it came from, please add the title of the book and the author so that they get credit.

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"Life is too short, and I'm Italian. I'd much rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size 0." ~ Sophia Bush

Authentic Italian Recipes for Timbale


Take ten medium-sized fresh tomatoes and cut them in two crosswise. Put a layer of these into a baking-dish with the liquid side touching the bottom of the dish.

Now put another layer with the liquid side up, sprinkle on salt and pepper. Break the raw vermicelli the length of the baking-dish and put a layer of it on top of the tomatoes.

Now add another layer of the tomatoes, with the skin side touching the vermicelli, a second layer with the liquid side up, salt and pepper, and another layer of the raw vermicelli, and so on, the top layer being of tomatoes with their liquid side touching the vermicelli.

Heat three or four tablespoons of good lard (or butter), and when the lard boils pour it over the tomatoes and vermicelli; then put the dish into the oven and cook until the vermicelli is thoroughly done. After cooling a little while, turn it out into a platter.


Take a small piece of ham fat, one-half of onion, piece of celery, parsley, small piece of carrot. Chop up fine together. Put into a saucepan, and when the vegetables are fried add two or three mushrooms which have been chopped fine; after five minutes add two tablespoons of tomato paste, thinned with five tablespoons of hot water (or equal quantity of tomato sauce without water). When the sauce is cooked take out the mushrooms and put them on one side.
Take one-half pound of macaroni. Boil in salted water for fifteen minutes, drain, and add the sauce described above. Add two tablespoons Parmesan cheese, grated, and one tablespoon of butter.
Butter well a mold, then cover with a thin layer of bread crumbs the bottom and sides. Pour into the mold one-half the macaroni, then place on it a layer of  mushrooms which you have taken out of the sauce. Now add the other half of the macaroni, and then another thin layer of bread crumbs. Put the mold into the oven without turning it over, and bake in a slow oven until well browned. Then turn out and serve.
To this timbale, if desired for variety, cold meat of any kind cut up fine may be added to the sauce; and one egg, hard boiled, and cut into four pieces. Add the egg, and the pieces of meat which you have removed from the sauce, to the timbale at the same time that you add the mushrooms.


This timbale is made in the same way as the one above, only substituting rice for macaroni. Use one-half cup of rice.


This is prepared as the two preceding ones, using Ribbon Macaroni instead of rice or ordinary macaroni.

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