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Italian Salad Recipes that are Authentic, Quick and Easy to Make

Authentic Italian salad recipes for you to make. Even though they are easy salads to make the success of following a Italian salad recipe is finding fresh ingredients, hopefully organic.
As a result, I love going to the markets in Italy looking for good farm produce for my salads. Not only are Italian markets colorful affairs but they are also social gatherings where friends meet and learn the latest village gossip. I love the buzz of the social scene and the colorful displays of fruit, vegetables, herbs and even fish if you are lucky.

I hope you are able to bring a little bit of Italy into your kitchens with these authentic salad recipes.

ITALIAN SALAD RECIPES - Mozzarella Caprese (Capri Mozzarella)

Mozzarella Caprese

This mozzarella salad recipe is one dear to my heart. It was one of the first salads I had tried on my man trips to Italy and I was struck by its simplicity, but still burst with flavor. It has become a firm favorite in our family, and in the summer I make it at least once a week.

To make this simple Italian salad recipe, take slices of mozzarella, buffalo if you can rather than the plastic imitations we find in supermarkets these days, and place them on a plate. Slice some tomatoes and layer the tomatoes with the mozzarella alternatively.

Tear up some fresh basil leaves and scatter on the tomatoes and cheese. Finally put some grated pepper over the top to taste and finish off with a drizzle of olive oil.

Definitely my favorite  salad recipe, which I make often as it is so easy, so simple, but so delicious!

ITALIAN SALAD RECIPES - Salad 'Del Prevosto'

This is a potato salad with an Italian twist. Boil in their skins three good-sized potatoes, peel them and slice them, then put them into a salad bowl, and pour over them one-half a glass of white wine. Do this about two or three hours before they are wanted, so the potatoes will have time thoroughly to absorb the wine.

From time to time mix them with a fork and spoon to let the wine permeate. A few minutes before the meal make a good French salad dressing, add some pickled peppers cut up, some capers, and some chopped-up parsley, pour on the French dressing, mix up well, and serve.

ITALIAN SALAD RECIPES - The Cardinal's Salad

Wash a good lettuce and a bunch of water-cress. Cut a cold boiled beef into strips, add six radishes, two hard-boiled eggs chopped up, and one small sliced cucumber. Arrange the lettuce-leaves in a salad-bowl, mix the other ingredients with a sufficient quantity of mayonnaise sauce, put them in the midst of the lettuce, and serve.


Take a head of endive, wash it and dry it well, and put it into a salad-bowl. Pour over it three tablespoons of good olive-oil. Mix one tablespoon of honey (or sugar), one of vinegar, and salt and pepper in a cup, and pour over the salad just before serving.

ITALIAN SALAD RECIPES - Italian Salad with Lombarda Sauce

Cut one carrot and one turnip into slices, and cook them in boiling soup. When cold, mix them with two cold boiled potatoes and one beet cut into strips. Add a very little chopped leeks or onion, pour some "Lombarda Sauce", over the salad, and garnish with watercress.


Chop up six lettuce-leaves and three stalks of celery, cut up the remains of a cold fowl in small pieces, and mix with one tablespoon of vinegar and salt and pepper in a salad bowl. Pour a cup of mayonnaise sauce over, and garnish with quarters of hard-boiled egg, one tablespoon of capers, six stoned olives, and some small, tender

ITALIAN SALAD RECIPES - 'Alla Macedoine ' 

Cut into small pieces one cold boiled beet and half an onion. Add some cold boiled string-beans, some cold boiled asparagus tips, two tablespoons of cold cooked peas, one cold boiled carrot, and some celery. Mix them together, and pour over all a mayonnaise sauce. Add the juice of a lemon and serve. 

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