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How to Make Pecorino Cheese like the Italians - Authentic Recipe

Ever wondered how to make Pecorino cheese? Well wonder no more. I will tell you exactly how to make this wonderful cheese after watching an Italian woman make it at an agricultural fair.

When I travel Italy, I love looking at people still carrying out ancient and traditional crafts that take place in many towns and villages still to this day.

One of the many ancient crafts that is still practiced is of course cheese making. Italians are famous for their cheeses, Mozzarella di Buffala, Parmesan, Pavolone and of course Percorino to name but a few.

How to Make Pecorino Cheese

How to make Pecorino cheese successfully depends on the time of year you make it. It should only be made in the spring and late autumn because this is when the weather is at the right temperature.

Well, without much ado lets see how to make Pecorino cheese. Take 12-15 l of sheep's milk and bring to about 37 degrees over a slow heat. Add 1/2 teaspoon of rennet and let it stand for 40 minutes or so. Scoop off the top of the clabber with a laddle to make raviggiolo di pecora, another type of white Italian cheese that is made into a cone shape and is soft and creamy.

Let it stand for a further 10 minutes and break up the curds and whey using a large wooden laddle with spikes for this purpose.

making percorino cheese Now take your hand and pull the curds towards you in the pot, pressing them together to drain off the whey.

Scoop out the curds and place into a cheese mould until over full with drainage holes to allow the whey to drain off.

Now press the curds into the mould with the heel of the hand allowing as much excess whey to drain off.

Continue to do this until whey has lessened considerably. Then, flipping the mould over onto the other side, and press again with the heel of your hand trying to squeeze out as much whey as possible. Carry on pressing until the cheese is firm.

Now place the Pecorino cheese on a wicker mat and leave for 5 hours. Salt one side. After another 5 hours flip and salt the other side. Turn every 5 hours for 2-3 days until it stops sticking.

Pecorino cheese takes 40 days to cure, although if you like it young like I do when it isn't so strong, you can eat it after 20 days.

Wash your cheese every 2-3 days to prevent the formation of mold.


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