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See 101 Best Places to Visit for your Travel in Italy

Where are the best places to visit in Italy? An Italian travel guide to the most beautiful, small towns and villages. Each place to visit in Italy comes with a very detailed travel guide, maps, pictures and videos of what to see and do while you are there.

So see the best places to travel in Italy to make sure that you don't waste good time visiting cities, towns or villages that aren't worth the trouble. Although in all fairness, you won't find too many of those when you travel Italy. There are so many beautiful places to see, but we have tried to choose Italian towns and villages that you really shouldn't miss on your visit to the area because of their unique qualities and beauty.

For more  information on the regions of Italy see the places in the navigation bar left under Areas of Interest. Also see our sections on Northern, Central and S0uthern Italy.

Travel Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Italy - Northern Italy

42 Beautiful Small Towns in Northern Italy

For your travel in Italy there are a number of small towns in Northern Italy that you really don't want to miss. Some of you may not even know about these towns, but we have included them here because they are beautiful. It is as simple as that. So enjoy the list of places to visit in Italy, and hopefully you will get the time to see one or two of them yourselves on your next trip over.

Best Places to Visit in Italy - North-Western Region of Northern Italy

1 Beautiful Small Town to Visit in Valle d' Aosta

1) Aosta

5 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Liguria

1) Camogli
2) Portofino
3) Cinque Terre and Porto Venere
4) San Remo
5) Triora

10 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Lombardy

1) Bellagio
2) Bergamo
3) Como
4) Cremona
5) Montova
6) Monza
7) Pavia
8) Sirmione
9) Sondrio
10) Vigevano

5 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Piedmont

1) Alba
2) Asti
3) Stresa
4) Valenza
5) Vercelli

Best Places to Visit in Italy: North-Eastern Region of Northern Italy

7 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Emilia-Romagna

1) Castell'Arquato
2) Faenza
3) Ferrara
4) Modena
5) Parma
6) Ravenna
7) San Marino

4 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

1) Aquileia
2) Cividale
3) Palmanova
4) Trieste

4 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Trentino-Alto Adige

1) Bessanone
2) Merano
3) Riva del Garda
4) Trento

7 Beautiful Small Towns to Visit in Veneto

1) Asola
2) Bassano
3) Belluno
4) Chioggia
5) Este
6) Treviso
7) Verona

Travel Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Italy: Central Italy

The best places to travel to here include the fabled, romantic Tuscany. However, there are so many other beautiful areas to visit in Central Italy .  The list of small towns and villages here have been chosen for their beauty, unique character, surrounding scenery and cultural importance.

15 Beautiful Towns in Tuscany

1) Anghiari
3) Carrara
5) Grosseto
6) Isola d'Elba
7) Lucca
9) Montepulciano
10) Pienza
11) Pietrasanta
12) Pisa
13) San Gimignano
14) Siena
15) Volterra

6 Beautiful Towns in Umbria

1) Assisi
2) Gubbio
3) Orvieto
4) Perugia
5) Spoleto
6) Todi

4 Beautiful Towns in Le March

1) Ancona
2) Ascoli Piceno
3) Loreto
4) Urbino

5 Beautiful Towns in Lazio

1) Anagni
2) Tarquina
3) Tuscania
4) Tivoli
5) Viterbo

2 Beautiful Towns in Abruzzo and Molise

1) L'Aquila
2) Ortona

Travel Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Italy: Southern Italy

Southern Italy is a great place to visit for budget travel , great weather , good food and miles of crystal clear waters and beautiful coastlines. Southern Italy has some of the most stunning coastal scenery and throws up some unexpected gems like Greek temples at Paestum .

6 Beautiful Towns in Campania

1) Amalfi
2) Capri
3) Caserta
4) Ischia
5) Pompeii
6) Sorrento

5 Beautiful Towns in Puglia

1) Alberobello
2) Bari
3) Gallipoli
4) Lecce
5) Otranto

2 Beautiful Towns in Basilicata

1) Maratea
2) Matera

3 Beautiful Towns in Calabria

1) Casenza
2) Crotone
3) Tropea

9 Beautiful Towns in Sicily

1) Agrigento
2) Catania
3) Erice
4) Isola Eolie
5) Noto
6) Piazza Armerina
7) Syracuse
8) Taormina
9) Trapani

3 Beautiful Towns in Sardinia

1) Alghero
2) Oristano
3) Porto Ceno

And if you want the short version of
8 of the most beautiful small towns and villages in Italy then you won't be disappointed with our pick from this large list of places to see on your next travel to Italy.

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Travel Video on Places to Visit in Italy

Video covering all the regions of Italy from the top of the country right down to the south, including Sicily and Sardinia.


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