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Sardinia Italy is an exciting island for holidays that offers unspoilt beaches, crystal clear waters, empty countryside, genuine traditions,  fine handicrafts and delicious food.

It is hard to appreciate all of this in just a short visit, however, during the year one can truly immerse oneself in the culture when there are year-round festivals from the unique carnivals in February and March, Easter ceremonies in April, and  innumerable festivals in September and October that hail the closing of the agricultural year.

No matter whether you have come to lie on the beautiful beaches and soak up the sun, or whether you have come to explore the hinterland of Sardinia and get to know the locals, there is something for everyone on this fascinating island of Italy.

When is the Best Time to Visit Sardinia Italy?

The best time to visit Sardinia, known in Italian as Sardegna,  is between April and October. The summer months from May to September are heavenly, but then there are also many summery days in April and October too. It is never too hot in July and August because of light breezes that the island is blessed with and there is also very little risk of unexpected showers.  So if you visit Sardinia in Italy anytime from April through to October, you will find lovely weather during these 7 months.

What to see and do in Sardinia Italy?

                                                    Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is an island of some fantastic coastlines with hidden coves and sheltered bays. There are sea caves to explore,  seas to snorkel and swim in, and clear waters to sail, windsurf and ski on.  Because of its vast coastline, all 1850 kms of it, it is not difficult to find an empty beach to use, even in the height of summer.  The colour of the sea of Sardinia is hard to find anywhere else. They have a range of blue depending on the depth of the water, the position of the sun and the colour of the sand. But to find emerald waters, or deep azures is commonplace for this idyllic island, as you can see from the picture above.

The  countryside is largely used by farmers who work the land but live in the villages. The best time to visit Sardinia's countryside is in spring when the spring flowers bloom profusely in the fields with showy swathes of yellow, red and blue flowers in the vast meadows, populated with sheep grazing lazily and growing fat on the new grass. You will also come across fields of wheat, vineyards and olive groves.

Fine rock climbing and hiking can be done in the hilly areas of eastern Sardinia, particularly around Gallura and Nuoro. The mountainous areas of this island are wild and untamed and truly impressive, and the range most sought out is the Barbagia for its granite face. However, we shouldn't forget the mountain that overlooks the whole of the island and that is the Gennargentu the highest mountain range of the island.

The interior of a Nuranghe in Sardinia Italy You cannot leave the island with out seeing some of the 7000 large round stone structures that were built everywhere called nuraghe . These were built many centuries ago and were used as homes and temples and are quite fortress in their appearance.

As you can see from the photo these were conical in shape and were built using stones and rocks with no mortar or cement to keep them in place.

They were built throughout the island and you can find them both in the coastal regions as well as in the mountains.

These structures are said to date back to the 2nd century B.C. and are in surprisingly good condition considering their age and the lack of anything holding the stones in place!

For those of you who want to try something different take the
green train ( trentino verde ) which leaves from various places; from Cagliari you pass through the Texenta to Ogliastra; from Macomer to Nuoro and Bosa, and from Sassari to Palau, where you can enjoy agriturismo trekking, ecological weekends and horse riding.  Agritourismo (farm holidays) is a good way to get to know the traditions, culture and food of the local Sardinian, and also appreciate the farm products that are produced from the farms.

For those who want  change from the daily swimming and 
snorkelling , take a trip into the Sardinian woods .  Sardinia Italy offers about 9000 square kms of state and municipal forests where you can enjoy the local fauna, flora and landscapes that have remained unchanged for centuries.  This is an island that is a haven for people who live trekking on foot, and your visit into the interior will  be rewarded by sights of moufflon, stags, wild boar, fox, wild horses, and the rare royal eagle, the European vulture and the peregrine vulture.

Horse Riding Holidays in Sardinia Italy

For those who want a more focused holiday Sardinia offers many opportunities for a horse riding holiday.  One has to be careful because due to the thick vegetation growing on the island, it is not always possible to travel in some places of the Sardinian mountains. However, there are  mule tracks, sheep tracks and country roads that allow one to do just that with no trouble at all. There are more than 60 horse riding centers throughout Sardinia who offer you the opportunity to hire a horse for a lesson or a ride either inland or on the coast.

See our Map of Sardinia Italy for an overview of the island and where places are.

The magic of Italy is not in any one place. It is in the scenery, the people, the
Italian food , the regional wines and the culture. Come and visit Italy for yourself and experience the magic firsthand during your Italy vacations!

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"There isn't in Italy that which there is in Sardinia, nor is there in Sardinia that which there is in Italy." ~ Father Francesco Cetti