Guided Tours of Italy - Sights, Shopping, Food, Wine and Things to do with Kids

Why are Guided Tours of Italy so Popular?

1) Guided Tours of Italy take the headache out of knowing what to see and where to go to see it. The tours of Italy which we have for you are led by experienced, English-speaking tour guides who are experts in their field. They are passionate about their topic and take you to places that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. See an inside guide to the city or area of Italy of your choice.

2) Guided Tours of Italy allow you to enjoy your travel experience without having to look for parking, concentrate on the driving, or fight with the traffic. If you are the designated driver with Italy's drivers and roads there is no time to take your eyes off the road to enjoy the scenery. Buy a tour, relax and enjoy the views.

3) Guided Tours of Italy give you value for money. When you travel, time is money. Don't waste time trying to figure out the local transport system, or struggle with a map trying to plot which sites to visit first. Let the experts pick you up from your hotel and drop you off after the tour. How easy is that?

4) Guided Tours of Italy offer added dimensions to your trip that you probably hadn't even thought about. Have you ever thought about touring one of the many Italian cities with a sedgeway? If you are traveling with teenagers they will love this tour of Italy.

Thinking of what things to do with kids in Italy?

Do you know that if you go to Venice you and your kids can make a Venetian mask? Or if you go to Rome you and your kids could spend a day at the Gladiator school? These are certainly memorable ways to spend a few hours out of your itinerary to really make your holiday in Italy special.

Italian Food and Wine Tours:

Taking Italian cooking classes while in Italy has become very popular over time. However, there are some classes offered by other companies that have teachers who don't speak much English or where you end up not even getting the chance to do much cooking, but rather just observing. Our cooking classes get you really involved.

There are also market tours taken where you can buy your ingredients first like a local and then taken back to the villa where you prepare your meals. Take a wine tour to appreciate the good Italian wine around. After all, you will need a bottle or two to have with that Italian meal you are going to make!

Italian Shopping Tours:

We all like some retail therapy. But when you get to Florence and you want to buy some marbled paper, or a pair of leather shoes do you know where to go to get the best bargains? Take one of our shopping tours, but just remember to bring an extra bag for all those purchased goodies you simply won't be able to resist!

Extended Guided Tours of Italy - 3 or 5 Day Tours

Sit back and relax. Join one of these tours and everything will be taken care of by expert tour guides; from where you will sleep each night to some carefully selected Italian restaurants that serve authentic Italian cusine.

5) Finally, guided tours of Italy allow you the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. Small groups allow you to get to know your fellow group members. So many people leave the group with a new friend or two. So, this is an ideal way to meet new people who share the same interests.

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Guided Tours of Italy for Special Areas of Interest:

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