Tuscany Food, Wine and Restaurants for Good Tuscan Eating 

Tuscany food, wine and restaurants. See where to eat, what to eat and guaranteed good restaurants that has the Vetrina Toscana seal of approval so that when you eat at these trattorias and pizzerias, osterias and restaurants you know that your meal will be simply divine!

Tuscan food and wine is known the world over for its quality but simplicity, its honesty but a truly gastronomic experience.  From the simple fire-grilled bistecca from Florence to the peasant food of ribollita, or panzanella the food is simply an experience that keeps you coming back for more. Even more exciting is the fact that in Tuscany food, wine and menus differ from village to village, from the coasts to the marshes, from the hills to the Alps. When you travel to Tuscany this soon becomes apparent.

Vetrina Toscana is a body that gives their stamp of approval to over 500 Tuscan restaurants and 200 food shops selling traditional Tuscan food. Quoting from the handbook put out by Vetrina Toscana they explain further:

"Vetrina Toscana is a program run by the Regione Toscana. It is aimed at improving integration between the commercial distribution network and the small and medium-sized businesses that supply traditional, local, high quality, agricultural and artisan products.

Currently over 500 restaurants and 200 Botteghe have adhered to the scheme. With a program of enogastronomic events, Vetrina Toscana aims to increase the visitors’ awareness of the local territory and emphasize the importance of lesser known areas, from both a culinary and touristic point of view. These events are organized by the Chamber of Commerce with the collaboration of local government organizations and professional associations. The project is co-financed by the Unioncamere and Regione Toscana.

Tuscan food and vegetables on display
 Typical Tuscan Food on display in a local Italian Farm Shop

The Vetrina Toscana's restaurants stress the value of high quality regional produce, a short supply chain and traditional dishes. They have rediscovered their historical ties with the local territory and the seasonal nature of its crops, the real driving force behind the extraordinary variety of the Tuscan Cuisine so appreciated all over the world.

The range of goods on offer in the Vetrina Toscana’s food stores is characterized by their commitment to local agricultural produce, thus revitalizing an economic sector of small businesses which still manage to keep alive the culture of traditional food production. "

Here are restaurants that are close to where we have property that are Vetrina Toscana certified. Many of these also offer rooms.

Recommended Restaurants in Anghiari for Tuscany Food and Wine

Antico Posto di Ristoro
Loc. La Scheggia - Via Libbia
0575 749174
Cantina del Granduca
Piazza Mameli 13
0575 788275
Da Alighiero
Via Garibaldi 8
0575 788840
Hostaria Antica
Il Feudo del Vicario
Via Garibaldi 33
0575 789160
La Locanda del Viandante
Loc. Cerreto 11 - Ponte alla Piera
0575 723016
La Nena
Corso Matteotti 10/14
0575 789491
Locanda al Castello di Sorci
Loc. S. Lorenzo 21
0575 789066
Have tried to find this restaurant several times, but not easy to find.
Galleria Girolamo Magi 1
0575 788893
Vecchia Osteria La Pergola
Via Libbia 9 - Loc. Tavernelle
0575 723330

See our page on
Anghiari on what to see and do here, including information on the old olive oil mill that is on the outskirts of this Medieval town.

Recommended Restaurants in Arezzo for Tuscany Food and Wine

Albergo Ristorante Planet
SS. 71 - Loc. Rigutino Est
0575 97971
Antica Trattoria al Principe
Loc. Giovi 25
0575 362046
Buca di San Francesco
Via di San Francesco 1
0575 23271
Piazza della Repubblica 2/A
335 6409500
Il Chioschetto
Via Cavour 61
0575 27292
La Doccia
Via Setteponti 24/G
Loc. Rondine
0575 36422
La Torre di Gnicche
Piaggia S. Martino 8
0575 352035
Lancia d’Oro
Piazza Vasari 19
0575 21033
Logge Vasari
Piazza Vasari
0575 295894
Miva’ di Piu’
Via Garibaldi 36
0575 352182
Osteria del Borghicciolo
Corso Italia 53/4
0575 22488
Osteria delle Poste
Via di Tolletta 16
0575 299860

See our pages on Arezzo , the antique monthly market and its festivals.

Recommended Restaurants in Caprese Michelangelo

Il Cerro
Loc. Il Cerro 210/A
0575 793923
Great food. Definitely worth the stop and well priced.

Recommended Restaurants in Castiglion Fiorentino

La Nave
Loc. La Nave 89/A
0575 684040

Recommended Restaurants in Cortona for Tuscany Food and Wine

Antica Osteria dal 1904
Piazza Signorelli 30
0575 631191
Loc. Farneta 3
0575 610241
Hostaria Pizzeria La Tufa
Loc. Ossaia 95
0575 677717
Il Melone
Loc. Il Sodo 38
0575 603330
Il Preludio
Via Guelfa 11
0575 630104
La Bottega dell’oste
Vicolo Mancini 10
0575 62153
La Bucaccia Enoteca Cacioteca
Via Ghibellina 17
0575 606039
La Locanda nel Loggiato
Piazza di Pescheria 3
0575 630575
Nessun Dorma
Piazza Signorelli
0575 62038
Osteria del Teatro
Via Maffei 2
0575 630556
Poggio Sant’Angelo
Loc. Farneta 42/43
0575 610365
Trattoria La Grotta
Piazzetta Baldelli 3
0575 630271

See our pages on what to see and do in
Cortona while you are there.

Recommended Restaurants in Foiano della Chiana for Tuscany food and wine


Loc. S. Angelo - Brolio
0575 688010
Osteria Pizzeria Il Tempio
Via S. Vittoria 39
0575 660443

Recommended Restaurants in Laterina

Osteria dell’Oca Satolla
Via Valdascione 69
0575 894650

Recommended Restaurants in Loro Ciuffenna for Tuscany food and wine

Cassia Vetus
Via Setteponti Levante 14
055 9172116
La Ferriera
Via F. Turati 30
055 9174006
Osteria del Borro
Via del Borro 52
055 977115

See more information on
Loro Ciuffenna .

Recommended Restaurants in Lucignano

Enoteca Il Goccino
Via G. Matteotti 88/90
0575 836707
La Rocca
Via G. Matteotti 17
0575 836775
La Tavernetta
Via Roma 15
0575 836568
L’Antica Pieve
Via Corniolo 13
0575 837101

Recommended Restaurants in Poppi

Il Campaldino
Via Roma 95 - Ponte a Poppi
0575 529008
Osteria Il Porto
Via Roma 224/226
0575 529233

What to visit a well-preserved castle with a library of books featuring Copernicus,  Galileo and Ptolemy? See our page on
Poppi Castle .

Recommended Restaurants in San Giovanni Valdarno 

Osteria dell’Angelo
Via della Madonna 3/5
055 943799

Recommended Restaurants in Sansepolcro for Tuscany food and wine

Enoteca Tirar Tardi
Via S. Antonio 5
0575 741525
La Balestra
Via Montefeltro 29
0575 735151
L’Osteria di Aboca
Fraz. Aboca 11
0575 749125
This is not far from the Herb Museum, Aboca Museum
Osteria Il Giardino di Piero
Via Niccola Aggiunti 98/B
0575 750391
Ristorante Fiorentino
Via Luca Pacioli 60
0575 742033

Fantastic restaurant - been there many times and they also have rooms available including breakfast. Good value for money! Alessio and Alessia are a father and daughter team who do a great job.
Enoteca Guidi
Via Luca Pacioli 44
0575 736587

This enoteca is a couple of doors down from the Ristorante Fiorentino.
Osteria Toscana Borgo Antico
Via Mazzini 14
0575 750208

Sansepolcro is an interesting town, home of Pierro della Francesca, an interesting herbal museum and one of the best restaurants in Tuscany; Ristorante Fiorentino.

Recommended Restaurants for Tuscany Food and Wine in Terranuova Bracciolini

Osteria Il Canto del Maggio
Loc. Penna 30/D
055 9705147
Osteria dell’Acquolina
Loc. Cicogna 96
055 977497

If you want to see more recommended restaurants  for Tuscany food, wine please use the
Vetrina Toscana file for more details of other areas.

Places to buy Typical Products of Tuscany

Laura Peri, Azienda Agricola
Localita Ventena San Marco, 233

farm in Montevarchi produces the white Valdarnese Chickens. They breed, rear, and butcher the chickens. If you want to visit the farm to make any purchases you need to book ahead. You can buy Laura Peri's chicken products by booking directly through the farm, or through their home delivery service. They also offer their products made into sauces for pasta, starters, fresh ravioli etc.

Sotto la Pieve
Via di Seteria, 1

Arezzo , beneath the bell tower of the ancient church of Santa Maria Pieve, just a short walk from the Piazza Grande is a small shop which sells typical products of Tuscany; biscuits, honey, jams, truffles, cold cuts, percorino cheese etc. supplied directly by small businessmen which still work today with the same passion and dedication as their ancestors to provide genuine, high quality produce. It is an inviting place to visit and it is difficult to leave without buying a little taste of Tuscany.

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Italian Food Culture here. What coffee to order, how to pay less for it, how the menus are structured, the types of food you can expect and how to go Dutch in Italy.


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