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"What is the fatal charm of Italy? What do we find there that can be found nowhere else? I believe it is a certain permission to be human, which other places, other countries, lost long ago."
~Erica Jong
Weather Italy provides you with a month by month weather forecast for what the weather in Italy is doing; in Rome, Venice, Florence or wherever you are travelling to - in real time. So don't ever get caught getting to your travel destination having packed the wrong clothes for the current climate. Check our Italy weather forecast widget for up to date weather information for the weather in Italy and see when it is the best time to travel Italy.

When is it the Best Time to Visit Italy? - An Overview

With the presence of the Mediterranean, with its warm waters, and the Alps, which form a barrier against the cold northern winds, help to soften the climate. A trip to Italy is pleasant at any time of the year. 

  • In mountain areas winter is ideal for skiing and summer for hiking and wild flowers.
  • Seaside and lakeside resorts, with their excellent hotel facilities have a very busy tourist season in summer.
  • Visits to the cities which are rich in art treasures attract visitors in spring and autumn to avoid the summer heat. 
  • In the north fog can present problems for air and road traffic in autumn.

Weather Italy: Climate

Because of Italy's location with its borders on the Alps and its boot in the Mediterranean, it is a country that experiences regional weather patterns.  

In the main, Italy experiences lovely long hot summers and mild winters. However, if you are travelling further north,then this will not be so. In the extensive Po Valley, where a lot of the country's rice is grown, the summers here are hot with little rainfall and the winters are damp and freezing. Further north still, in the Alpine areas the winters there are cold with warm, wet summers.

The Italian islands are exposed to winds which can make life very uncomfortable for a person like myself as I hate wind.

However, it is not just the islands in Italy that experience windy weather. There are other areas and the Italians have names for them.

Italy's Winds

Bora: A cold, dry and very strong wind that blows from the east-north-east, from the eastern Alps on to the Gulf of Trieste.

Ghibli: A hot, dry south-western wind that comes from Libya

Greco: Also called grecale is a strong winter wind from the north-east that affects the central and eastern Mediterranean.

Libeccio also called garbino . This is often a very stron wind from the south-west that affects the central and northern Mediterranean.

Levante : A wind that comes from the east.

Ostro: Also called austro, is the name for a wind that comes from the south. Winds from the south. Winds from the Sahara often bring rain full of sand particles that make house windows and cars dirty and is bind for those affected.

Mistral: Also called the maestrale or maestro. This is a dry, cold wind from the north-west that blos through southern France and the Liguria region.

Ponente: A fresh wind from the west and a summer breeze from the Tyrrenian Sea.

Scirocco: A hot, wet wind from the south-east blowing from Africa across the Mediterranean.

Tramontana: A cold, generally dry and rather strong north wind.

Average Monthly Temperatures for Milan

Milan Jan 40F 5C May 74F 23C Sept 75F 24C
32 0 57 14 61 16
Feb 46F 8C June 80F 27C Oct 63F 17C
35 2 63 17 52 11
March 56F 13C July 84F 29C Nov 51F 10C
43 6 67 20 43 6
April 65F 18C Aug 82F 28C Dec 43F 6C
49 10 66 19 35 2

Average Monthly Temperatures for Rome  

Rome Jan 52F 11C May 74F 23C Sept 79F 26C
40 5 56 13 62 17
Feb 55F 13C June 82F 28C Oct 71F 22C
42 6 63 17 55 13
March 59F 15C July 87F 30C Nov 61F 16C
45 7 67 20 49 10
April 66F 19C Aug 86F 30C Dec 55F 13C
50 10 67 20 44 6

Average Monthly Temperatures for Venice

Venice Jan 42F 6C May 70F 21C Sept 75F 24C
33 1 56 13 61 16
Feb 46F 8C June 76F 25C Oct 65F 19C
35 2 63 17 53 12
March 53F 12C July 81F 27C Nov 53F 12C
41 5 66 19 44 7
April 62F 17C Aug 80F 27C Dec 46F 8C
49 10 65 19 37 3

Weather Italy: Winter and Skiing

Winter is the time for winter sports in Italy and skiing can take place in the Alpine areas, and snow can also be found along the Appenines.

One can also go skiing in the south of the country in Laceno, in the Campania region, which is probably one of Italy's best kept secrets as it is cheap, undeveloped from a tourist point of view, and ideal for cheap family skiing holidays.

Weather Italy for Spring and Poppies

Fields of poppies in Italy in spring However, the weather can also be unpredictable with regards to temperatures, and while some spring days may lean towards summer temperatures, they can just as quickly plummet bringing with it a flurry of snow.

March is particularly bad for unpredictable weather. However, from May to June you can see swathes of red poppies growing in the wheat fields of Tuscany and Umbria, making it one of my favorite times of the year to visit Italy.

Summer, from July to September can be glorious in Italy with its abundance of fruit and flowers, and in most parts of central Italy you will see fields and fields of sunflowers. However, this is also the time when the hordes of tourists descend on Italy and quiet country spots suddenly become invaded by camera touting, loud tourists whom I try to avoid like the plague. Prices can often be inflated, and although the days are usually hot and balmy, you can experience fierce thunderstorms, although they mostly occur in the late afternoon and evening.

September is the best month to travel in to Italy as it is cooler, the temperatures are not so high and most of the tourists have gone home by then. However one month you really should avoid is the month of August. This is the time of Ferragosto.

It is the time when the whole of Italy seems to take off, not just for the 15th August which is the official holiday, but during the whole month when everything seems to come to a standstill. For some, it may seem strange for restaurants and business to close down for weeks at a time with a notice in the window stating "Closed for the Holidays", but this is common practice in Italy during August.

If you want to conduct business here or you want to get some progress on house renovations - forget it! Italy is on holiday!

Weather Italy: Autumn and Harvests

Grape HarvestAgain, like spring this is the best time to visit Italy. The tourists have gone, the weather is cooler and the trees and grapevines are turning hues of gold and brown.

Early September is the start of autumn and still in October the days are bright and sunny, but temperatures are cooling. November has short days and the weather usually is quite rainy though not very cold.

During the latter half of September and the early part of October it is time to pick the grape harvest and to dream of the wine that will follow. During this time there are many grape harvest festivals that take place in the wine growing regions. In November the olives are picked, and the liquid gold shared with those who helped pick the fruit.

Daily Weather Italy

Here are some more sites that give you a complete breakdown of all the regions in Italy with up-to-date weather information covering 2 different stages of the day, from the morning, afternoon and evening. There is also a 6 day weather forecast for Italy so you can plan your vacation around the week's forecast when you travel Italy next.

As we all know, the weather in Italy can change very quickly, so this is a great site to visit. Just don't forget to come back to us, when you get there!

Daily Weather Italy for Northern Italy



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