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Before you travel to Italy you need to know where to go to have the best travel experience. We know Italy very well. Not only have we being traveling to Italy for more than 15 years, we also own property here and now live in the beautiful Casentino Valley. As a result of our close connection to Italy we can give you an honest insight guide to places we have visited and enjoyed.

We give you travel tips, information on what to see and do, share the best time to visit  and the best places to visit in Italy along with the best of Italy's wine and food with authentic recipes so that you can travel to Italy knowing that you have had the very best out of your Italian holidays.

As far as we are concerned, after 30 years of traveling the world, there is only one way to travel and that is by slow travel. Only through slow travel can one can take away a piece of the country  when you leave, because you have truly understood its people and culture. So how do we do that?

What is Slow Travel Italy?

Travel to Italy and take the time to sample the local Italian culture, festivals and life of the places that you are visiting. You cannot do this if you are on a package holiday where you are on a whirlwind tour seeing 10 towns and cities in 7 days. Having a vacation like this leaves you breathless - not in the way you would like!

Travel to Italy and stay in a small Italian village, town or city for at least a week, usually in a self-catering apartment or villa where you shop with the locals at local markets, butcheries and bakeries, and rub shoulders with the locals at their favorite coffee shops.

Travel to Italy and try out the best of Italy's food and wine in restaurants, or try your hand at cooking authentic Italian meals in your villa kitchen. Or do what we did one year, take some cookery lessons at a private house.

Travel to Italy and take the time to explore your surroundings thoroughly. Go for walks into the fields and look for wild flowers, the seasonal wild herbs, mushrooms, truffles, birds and wildlife. Go off the beaten track and visit that isolated hill-top village or hamlet that seldom sees tourists.

Only then, once you have done the above, can you come away saying that you too have come to know, and hopefully love Italy, as weI do.

The first time I traveled to Italy I spent hours of research on what to see, and what to do. I took out travel books from the library, searched travel sites to see what other information I could find. It amounted to months and months of research, using so many different resources that I was almost exhausted before I had even left! However, in the end, I knew exactly where I was going and what I wanted to see and do in Italy.

We hope that by using this site you will be able to do all your research here and will be armed with some useful travel tips along the way.

However, Italy is such a large country that you cannot hope to see all of it at once. Choose a few spots and take time to truly get to know this country through slow travel.

We love this beautiful, and sometimes complicated and even frustrating country, but wanted to share some of our favorite parts of it with you for when you travel to Italy on your own holiday in the future.
Pictures of Italy for you of Places I have visited

We are your Italy Travel Guide for the Best Italy has to Offer

We are your Italy travel guide for the best places to visit in Italy showing you what to see and do, and where to go on your Italy vacations.

However, we are not just your normal travel website you come across with information on the places of Italy; we dig deeper, giving you information on the Italian food you might want to try, an understanding of the Italian culture and the Italian language to help you get around. For us, there is only one way to truly explore Italy, and that is through slow travel.

So get to know where to eat in the best restaurants in Italy and try our authentic Italian cooking recipes.

Come and learn about the local culture, and learn the Italian language with some basic phrases and words, blend in with the locals, and immerse yourself into living in Italy, even if it is for just a short while. Finally, look at our pictures of Italy that we have taken on our annual trips.

Get the latest scoop on where to go, and what to see by people who visit and know Italy.

Find real people talking about where they have been and what they found interesting. And if you have been to Italy, come and tell us all about it!

Experience and Travel  to the Real Italy with Hello Italy!

Please explore Italy off-the-beaten-path. Those hidden places in Italy we travel that are off the tourist routes, are so much more enjoyable. But where are they? We will show you!

It is here that you meet the real Italian people, get to eat authentic dishes prepared by nonna and mama, and get to experience the true Italy without the tacky kiosks selling kitsch, touristy tat.

Explore slow travel Italy through the eyes of discerning travelers who travel to Italy, and who know!

For those of you who have been to Italy, you will know that it is a country that gets under your skin. When you are away it haunts and beckons, willing you to return.

"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life." ~ Anna Akhmatova


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Venice, Italy
A quiet canal in Venice, Italy
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