About Us: The Travel Italy Grapevine

This Italian travel site has been created for you, the Italian traveler, as a platform for giving your opinion on travel spots, Italian restaurants you have enjoyed, and to submit your favorite Italian food recipes. It is also a place to learn about the Italian culture, the language, the people and untraveled parts of Italy that are not always obvious to the traveler, but are gems, nevertheless.

Why We Created this Website?

I fell in love with Italy after reading Frances Mayes' "Under the Tuscan Sun". After that the bug bit. I just had to go. I also had to find Frances Mayes house. And I didn't just want to go to Italy per se, I wanted to rent a villa in Cortona - where else?!

Well, we did, for 2 weeks, but we also spent 6 weeks traversing Italy from north to south and spent 6 glorious weeks there, knowing that this was where we wanted to retire to one day.

9 years later, and many forays back to Italy, we finally purchased a small farm in Tuscany just north of the Arezzo town. Here we grow olives for our own oil, grapes for wine, have a fair size vegetable garden and orchard, we keep bees, sheep, chickens, ducks and turkeys. Yes, we live la dolce vita, although it hasn't been without its problems!

So when I give you recipes, or places to visit you can rest assured that these are authentic Italian recipes, and the places that we recommend are places that we have been to ourselves and loved.

We love all things Italian, well almost all things, certainly not the Italian bureaucracy! I could write a book about that. I have a title for it already, it will be called, "Under the Tuscan Thumb!"

However, I really just want to share with you the places we have visited and loved, and hope that if you get the chance to go their too, you will feel the same way.

The Travel Italy Grapevine Mission Statement

To provide you with quality information about Italy and to encourage the exchange of opinions and recommendations from people who have traveled to Italy and who know it and love it. It is for positive feedback only.

" The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo."                                                  ~ Mark Twain