A Detailed Map of Campania Italy

Here is a detailed map of Campania, Italy that shows the region in relation to Italy as well as all the major towns and cities.

The Campania map shows Naples on the west coast. An important port both in the past as well as today.

Campania is also where you can take day-trips to the Isle of Capri and the beautiful island of Ischia and travel along the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Travel towards  Avellino inland and go skiing in Laceno in the winter rather cheaply as a family. Far cheaper than you would pay if you traveled to the ski fields further north in the Italian Alps.

Regional Map Campania Italy

A regional map of Campania showing the various provinces.

  • Napoli
  • Caserta
  • Benevento
  • Avellino
  • Salerno

Map of Campania Italy showing Capital Towns

The map of Campania shows the capital towns of the various provinces as well as other major towns and rivers of the region.

Map of Campania showing capital towns.

Detailed Map of Campania Italy

This detailed map of Italy is the next level up from the previous map. Here you can see more towns to visit in the region. You can also see that Campania shares its borders with several other regional areas; Lazio, Molise, Puglia and Basilicata.

Detailed map of Campania Italy.


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